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KLOM Pickgun Plus Bump Keys

KLOM Pickgun Plus Bump Keys

klom tool elektronic pick gun plus

klom tool elektronic pick gun plus

The KLOM Pick Gun PLUS comes with two chucks, a traditional pick-gun type 'up' flicker (where the attached needle is flicked repeatedly and rapidly in an upward motion, causing the pins to dance around the shearline) as well as a standard 'drill type' chuck that works by spinning the attachment. Surprised? Read on...

Several tools that come with this gun are new to us and we're not quite sure what they are! If you look in the picture (more closer shots in the vid) you'll notice whisk-like 'picks and the black rubber ended ones. Neither of these will fit the 'up flicker' and so are for the drill, perhaps for lever locks? Perhaps we're all going to be experimenting like mad. And have a closer look.

Each comes complete with this carry case which you can strap to your belt - or not - and easily fits the gun, both chucks, recharger and an absolute multitude of picking needles that will keep the experienced lock-picker and novice equally busy and intrigued. We cannot recommend this product enough.

KLOM Pickgun Plus Bump Keys Video:

For more info: office@klomtools.com

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